Frequently Asked Questions

How long has National Public Documents been in business?
We been doing nationwide public records research for businesses since 2003. National Public Documents is the same people and resources now providing this service to consumers.

How do I request a document?
Simply go to our order page and fill in the information requested. Once you send the order we will begin searching for your document.

If needed, is there someone I can talk to about ordering a document?
Yes! Please contact sales with any questions or for help placing an order.

How do I pay for the document?
After you review and are satisfied with the info you entered on our order page, you will be given the option to pay by credit card, pay pal or online check.

When will you charge my credit card?
After you select the payment method, submit your payment info and click “Submit Order”

How long does it take to get my document?
Most documents will be sent to you within 2- 4 days. Depending on the county resources, some could take longer. You can always contact customer service for the status of an order in progress.

Is there a discount for multiple documents?
Generally not for one to a few documents. Sometimes multiple requests that are similar and in the same county can get a discount depending on how many are being asked for, the document type, county and resources available. Please contact sales if you have multiple requests like this.

How can you find a document anywhere in the US?
We spent years building up and maintaining county resources including county subscriptions where available and, more importantly, our database of proven and reliable researchers across the county

Can I just find my own document?
You can certainly try that. The type of document, how old it is, the county, what resources are available to you, how long it takes and the costs are factors. Some are easier than others. Our service is the easiest no hassle way for you to get a document from any county in the US. See more information on our About Us page

Can you find other documents than those listed?
Yes. We can find many other types of documents. For now we listed those that are common and available from all counties. As time goes on we will be adding more document types to our website. Please contact sales if the document type you are looking for is not listed.

How are my documents delivered?
You have the option of choosing email, fax or mail when you place your order. Most documents are returned by email as a PDF attachment. You can view and print these as long as you have the very common Adobe Acrobat Reader software which can be found at

What happens if you can’t find my document?
This rarely happens. Some requests will ask just to see if a certain document exists. If nothing is found for an order placed there is still a charge because of the costs incurred to do the search. We will also contact you to see if there is any more info that might help us find your document.

What happens if you find the wrong document?
If the document found doesn’t match your search criteria contact customer service who will handle whatever is needed to find the correct document.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?
If we cannot find the document you ordered we will notify you of the fact and issue a full refund of the amount charged to your credit card for the document we couldn’t obtain. There are no refunds for documents found and delivered which reasonably match your request.

Orders already placed can be cancelled with a full refund if the cancellation request is made before research expenses are incurred. To cancel orders already placed, please contact customer service by phone at 727 518-6700 and have your order number ready. Every effort will be made to accommodate the cancellation of your order. We will notify you by email if a cancellation with refund is possible. No refund is available if the cancellation request is received after research expenses were incurred

What are the terms and conditions?
Click here to Read our Terms and Conditions

What is the Privacy Policy
Click here to Read our Privacy Policy

Can I put in a rush request and is there an extra charge?
Yes to both. When you fill out your order there is an option to rush your order for a fee which will also appear. Most orders will be sent to you in 3 – 5 days. Some orders are not able to be rushed because of the county set up and resources. You can always contact customer service  to find out if it is possible to rush your order.

Why do some documents cost more to retrieve?
All counties and their resources to get documents are different. Counties with large cities (Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, etc.) tend to have more resources and are closer for searchers. There are many counties that require going to the county which could be up to 100 miles away from a qualified searcher. And so pricing is split up between those that are easier and less expensive and those that are difficult and more expensive. One can also factor in seasonal weather influences, holidays and other schedule irregularities of county government offices.

Still have a question?
Please contact us with any unanswered questions